Alice at the Apple Orchard - Part II

     While out on a mountain photoshoot with inContrast Images, We visited The Orchard at Altapass. We worked with the lovely actress & model Valeria Osipova on our photographic weekend get-away to the mountains of NC. The Orchard served as an idyllic backdrop for our photos. To check out Part I of the Orchard shoot, click here.

Alice at the Apple Orchard - Part I

     Later on our mountain photoshoot, We visited The Orchard at Altapass. We worked with the lovely actress & model Valeria Osipova on our photographic weekend away to a mountain cabin in NC. I want to extend a huge thanks to Elisa & Tres of inContrast Images for the weekend get-away & amazing opportunity. Also, a big thank you to Valeria for being such a spirited & fantastic model!


Mermaid on the Shore

   I was super lucky to be able to help my sister, Elisa, and her partner, Tres, (both of inContrast Images) with this amazing North Carolina mountain shoot. We worked with the lovely actress & model Valeria Osipova for a photographic weekend away in a mountain cabin. We went for a gorgeous early morning day hike and I captured these images along the way.



Glossy - Spring 2013 Beauty Trends

  I just completed one of my favorite projects yet! I do self-portrait work quite often. Truth be told, this is because I'm just about the only model that will put up with my long studio hours. I consider most of my self-portraiture to be less of a fragment of myself and more like dressing up as a character and acting in front of the camera. This is my version of a fashion magazine beauty editorial (combining a few of my biggest loves: photography, fashion, & beauty all into one!) So think Spring 2013 beauty trends. As a wink to all of you artists & color lovers out there, notice the Pantone color of 2013, Emerald, is on my nails! I'd love to see my work in magazines one day. A girl can dream!

More Adventurous

   In just a couple days I will be off to Iceland & out of the USA for the first time in my life. I can't wait to make the rest of the big wide world feel real.

Image by Kristen Henry


Star Child - Part II

Here's the rest of my shoot with the lovely Cynthia! If you'd like to check out the rest of this photo series, you can find it right here!


Star Child

I've been experimenting quite a lot lately with my photography. I'm fascinated with the notion of photographing through other objects to distort the image without any extensive digital editing. These following images were taken through a prism, which served as a fun challenge. I loved working with my gorgeous friend Cynthia on this shoot. Isn't she reminiscent of a young Elizabeth Taylor? She's a natural model, and a very talented photographer. If you're interested in seeing the rest of my shoot, you can take a peek right here.